The GKapetanis Online Store was created by a group of young people who envisioned to unite the traditional Underwear market with the electronic market, offering a unique experience to their customers.

With unbeatable prices, direct delivery to your door and contacting you personally to resolve every issue. We have built an enviable reputation, but above all we have built a relationship of trust with the Greek buying public.


GKapetanis is collaborating with the biggest European companies like: Triumph, Sloggi, Luna, Wonderbra, Diesel, Lormar, Diadora but also the biggest Greek companies like: Bluepoint, Blu4u, Minerva, Helios, Palco actively supporting Greek industres.
The list of partner companies, which exceeds 50, includes the leading ones of each kind.
Our basic principle is that all the products we have meet strict quality criteria, be of European specifications and origin and have a certification of raw materials origin.
In recent years, we have been increasing our importing activity from Italy, the Queen of fashion and Style, in an effort to offer quality products at even more competitive prices.

You can choose the category you are interested in, browse the online store and find women‘s, men‘s and children‘s underwear, as well as pyjamas, tights and swimwear for the whole family.

You can also take a look at the discounts for women‘s and the men‘s products.


A Kapetanis and Co. (L.P – VAT EL800926900) was founded in 1988 and has since been among the leading Greek underwear retail companies for 3 decades.
It has 3 sales points in Northern Greece, the newest of which (2008) was expanded and radically renovated in 2016 with its standard showroom is occupying 400 m2. It also has 2 warehouses to supply its physical stores and its Production and Storage facilities in the industrial area of Serres.

An ambitious program, which is in the stage of implementation, will lead the Group to consolidate its leading position in its fourth decade of existence. This program includes the radical upgrade of the GKapetanis online store which is already available online, the development of new personal underwear and pajamas brand and the creation of a new website for retail and wholesale distribution of products.

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Kon/nou Karamanli 30, Serres 621 23